MICRA 2017 Program

The talks will take place in Room 1200 of the NSCL building . The NSCL building is access controlled, so you will have to go to the front desk on the northwest corner of the building and have the front desk let you in. A floor plan of the NSCL is shown below.

We will have ample time for small-group breakout sessions to discuss topics related to the talks of the day. We intend this to be fluid, so that participants can suggest and lead specific discussions. The breakout discussions will be moderated by a discussion facilitator and the breakout sessions will be followed by brief reports including all workshop participants. The rooms for the breakout sessions are given in the schedule below and will change from day to day.

There is a planned dinner on Wednesday evening included with your registration. If you wish to bring a companion, the charge for the dinner is $31. Credit cards will be accepted on site. This is for the companion dinner only; no refunds will be given for those that are registered but not attending the dinner.

Map of the NSCL Building
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