How to Transfer to YouTube Music

Google Play Music has shut down, but it is still possible to download a library or transfer to YouTube Music. The music-streaming platform officially stopped working for users in December 2020.

According to a 9to5Google report, users have until 24 February 2021 to download, transfer or delete their data from Google Play Music, after which it will all be erased. outside. Google is urging users to transfer their music streaming service to YouTube Music before the said date.

Google has started emailing users to let them know that all of their Google Play music data will be deleted on 24 February 2021, as reported by 9to5Google. This data includes the music library of uploads, purchases, and anything purchased from Google Play Music. The data will be deleted on 24 February and there will be no way to recover it.

Users can go to or the Android or iOS app to watch the transfer on YouTube. They will be redirected to YouTube Music, where the transfer will take place. Transfers include playlists, songs, albums, likes, upload purchases, and billing information.

How to Transfer to YouTube Music

Here, managing your music is also an option. You can download your music library, delete your recommendation history, or even delete your entire Google Play music library. If you choose to download your music library, you will be redirected to Google Takeout, from where you can export a copy of your Google Play data data.

Google began the process of discontinuing Google Play Music in October last year. By December, it officially closed, and users were encouraged to move to YouTube music. So far, Google has maintained users’ music and data on Google Play Music, but it will be removed on 24 February. Meanwhile, Google is introducing a number of new features for YouTube Music, to encourage YouTube users to make the switch.