Samsung The Wall First Impressions: Offering an unparalleled experience

South Korean electronics giant Samsung recently released its latest large-format microLED display, “The Wall”, in the Indian market. The company launched three different sizes of displays starting from the base model for Rs 3.5 crore.

Yes, the base model with 4K resolution and 3.7 meter size is priced at Rs 3.5 crore. The company revealed that this lineup is meant to provide buyers with a “great viewing experience”. In fact, it is intended for viewers who either want to invest once and forget it later. Or, it is for those who only want the best viewing experience without any care about the expense.

Pricing is all scales ranging from Rs 3.5 crore to Rs 12 crore for the 8K variant. Samsung clarified that it is only keeping The Wall at its headquarters in Gurugram, Bengaluru and some other places. Given the pricing, the demo setup will not be available at your normal retail store. In fact, anyone who wants to buy it will have to go to Samsung headquarters to book The Wall.

Samsung recently invited us for a special session with the 4K version of “The Wall”. We spent a few hours with what is possibly the best performance that money can buy right now. Here is our first impression of Samsung the Wall 2019.

Specifications of samsung wall

First, let’s talk about the specifications of the wall, including all of Samsung’s hardware. It comes with 8K content playback, Quantum HDR, 2,000 NIT brightness and 120Hz refresh rate. Samsung said that it has made The Wall future-proof so that it will support everything in the coming years.

The company also states that the wall uses MicroLED display technology to offer this unique viewing experience. It is also the latest MicroLED display technology with 0.8mm pixel pitch, development on Onyx since 2018.

The microLED technology provides a number of complementary innovations as well as a seamless and immersive experience. These include black seal technology for darker colors and panel protection for better colors and Croma Max technology.

Samsung has also added quantum processor Flex for AI-based upscaling in The Wall. Samsung notes that it does not add any data or make any changes to how the image will look. Instead, the company simply measures content at different resolutions from different sources so that it appears at the original resolution.

Different types and sizes

The wall is modular in nature meaning that the 4K screen is not actually a panel. This makes it easy for Samsung to transport The Wall without any damage. The company also said that it transfers the panels and then installs the wall on-site at the distribution address.

The modular aspect of The Wall gives Samsung the option to choose between 4K, 6K and 8K resolutions. 4K is about 370.8 cm or 3.7 m, 6K is around 5.5 m and 8K is about 7.4 m in size. The display features a bezel-less design with a choice of custom frames.

Software on samsung wall

Moving to the software section, The Wall runs a Tizen-based operating system. Inspecting the software closely, the company has designed it to be as user-friendly and integrated as possible. First, the company has added an “ambient” mode that allows users to turn on the display in a live art installation.

They can also turn the display into a live wallpaper or a giant photo frame. This ensures that they do not have a large black panel covering one wall of their drawing room. The company has added many interesting options between categories including decoration, nature, art, and more.

The second mode is Entertainment Mode where users can access content from multiple sources. These include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, ZEE5, Apple TV, YouTube, Google Play Movies and TV, and more.

Users can also hook up their PC, gaming console or pen drive to access the content. In addition, the display also comes with the ability to access the Internet or the built-in gallery. The wall comes with a remote that switches between all of these means and material sources a breeze.

We spent some time watching 4K content on Netflix, HD content on Amazon Prime Video, and playing Forza Horizon on the console. After consuming content on all the various mediums, and jumping in and out of ambient mode, it is hard not to be impressed with Samsung The Wall. Wall represents the best money when it comes to performance.

It is certainly not for most, but it is hard to imagine anything that cannot do for something that invests in it. Usually, when a product is launched in the market, a natural comparison is made. However, there is no other product that can come close to the experience that The Wall has to offer.