Syska EarGo Another great value-for-money proposition

As the world enters the growing TWS phenomenon, we have seen more and more options in every price segment. These include big brands you have heard of, and some you have not. However, like most elements of the tech world, brand naming does not dictate the TWS market.

This brings us to the product we have for review today – Syska EarGo. These truly wireless earphones cost just Rs 3,500. Therefore, they look promising. But can they give a good performance?

We saw upcoming and sometimes, unheard brands first providing good products. Siska has been around for some time. But the brand is not really an expert on audio equipment. It covers a wide spectrum of products, not just mobile accessories. So are the new Syska EarGo earphones worth your hard earned money? See our review.

Syska EarGo Design

Syska EarGo earphones come in a simple looking plastic case. There is nothing unconventional about the design. The round rectangular shape extends from the top to the bottom of the case.

A matte-finish runs in the hard-plastic case except for the glossy lid. There is big and bold branding right in the middle of the lid and the front of the body. A micro-USB slot for charging under the hinges on the rear completes the design. The case does not seem very premium on hand, but the build quality is very good.

Opening the case reveals uniquely designed earbuds. We have often seen designs in this segment that are ‘heavily-inspired’ to the point of being copied by big brands. But, here the full originality points for Syska EarGo earphones. There is also a power button to control charging inside the case and four LED lights to give an estimate of the remaining juice. The earphones are also IPX4 water resistant.

Teardrop-sized earbuds are lightweight, and come with built-in ear-hooks and the case provides a nice slot to drown the entire unit comfortably. Putting them on, you immediately notice how lightweight and comfortable they are. With additional ear-hook support, the buds are held firmly in place. Looks like they can do a spanking before exiting.

Earbuds also have a button on each side instead of a face. They are a bit harder to reach and can take a day to use. But the good thing is that pressing the side button means that when you perform a firm press, you do not press the buds in your ear vigorously.

Button features are standard. A single tap is used for play / pause or call-up / hang-up. Meanwhile, double and triple presses can be used to skip the next or previous tracks. There is no way to regulate the volume until you reach for your phone.


We did not expect audio-level sound quality from budget-friendly Syska EarGo earphones. Therefore, we were surprised to learn that the units come with AAC codec support. The earphones provide good sound, but the output is not perfectly balanced. On most tracks, we explained the audio downs slightly more than the mids and highs.

The 8 mm drivers at each end ensure that the bass packs a lump. Therefore, you are not just hearing, but feel disturbed in your earrings.

Earphones almost feel like they are trying a lot to throw a bass at every chance you get. However, the bass is not the cleanest and often lacks depth. This is particularly noticeable on moderately bass-heavy tracks on higher versions.

The treble is deep, clean and clear. Despite the style you are listening to, the vocals sound great. Listening to tracks that are not bass-heavy makes it clear. Often more pronounced utterances reduce high-frequency performance.

Therefore, you will often have to go higher on the volume scale to better experience the inherent tone and loudness. While hip-hop and EDM lovers will prefer energetic bass delivery, fans of more vocal-oriented genres probably won’t be too happy.

Call quality

Call quality performance on buds was average. While we clearly heard the people at the other end, they were often heard and not such a crisp, clunky voice. Earphones can or do call in a quiet room or at your home. But step outside traffic and you better keep your phone close to your ear.

Battery life

The Syska EarGo buds each have a 55mAh battery. Meanwhile, the case has a 500mAh battery. The case is capable of fully charging buds three times. The earbuds take one hour and half an hour to charge, and the case takes two hours to charge. However once fully charged, earphones can provide up to four hours of calling time, and more than 4.5 hours of music playback. Syska also promises a 24-hour standby time on earphones.