CGWAS 2015: Practical Information

In Emergencies: Caltech Security

In the case of emergencies occuring on the Caltech Campus, call Caltech Security at 626-395-5000 or simply 5000 from any campus phone. Additional relevant phone numbers can be found on the Caltech Security web page

If the emergency occurs off-campus, call 9-1-1.

Caltech Campus Maps

Internet connection during CGWAS

Wireless networking will be available in all CGWAS venues. All participants will receive connection information in their registration packages.

Checking into Caltech Housing

For those CGWAS participants who have opted for Caltech campus housing:

Getting to Caltech from LAX

It is about 30 miles from LAX to Caltech/Pasadena. We strongly advise against taking a taxi cab -- this will cost you around $100.

There are two good alternatives:

CGWAS is supported by the National Science Foundation under CAREER award PHY-1151197, by the Sherman Fairchild Foundation, by LIGO Laboratory at Caltech, and by Caltech.