CGWAS 2015: Computing

The hands-on exercises each afternoon will involve computational exercises. For this, you will need a laptop. It should run either Mac OS, Linux, or Windows. No special software is needed, because we have prepared a special CGWAS flavor of Linux (based on the Debian distribution) that you will run in a virtual machine hosted by your operating system. Below we provide instructions on how to install the virtual machine software and get the CGWAS machine image.

We thank Roland Haas and Philipp Mösta for their kind help with the CGWAS virtual machine!

Computing Problems? Come to the Computing Help Session!

312 Cahill, Tuesday, 8:00-9:00am

CGWAS Virtual Machine Setup

Getting the virtual machine going requires two steps. First you will install the free Oracle VirtualBox software. Then you will download the CGWAS machine image and set it up inside VirtualBox.

Downloading and Installing VirtualBox

The online user manual might be helpful for a detailed explanation of how to install and setup VirtualBox.

Getting and Installing the CGWAS Machine

Now download the CGWAS machine: CGWAS Virtual Machine Image. (1 GB)
At CGWAS, we will provide copies of the CGWAS virtual machine image on USB flash storage devices. This will make it faster to install the official version.

Next, you will need to install the virtual machine (also called "appliance") inside VirtualBox. Full instructions can be found on the VirtualBox webpage. In a nutshell:

We recommend that you keep the original .ova file around. It will serve as your backup and can be used to restore the system should you require a full reset of the software setup.

Username and password

The user name and password are both cgwas which is also that password for the root user.

Exchanging data between host and virtual machine

CGWAS is supported by the National Science Foundation under CAREER award PHY-1151197, by the Sherman Fairchild Foundation, by LIGO Laboratory at Caltech, and by Caltech.