Apple water bottle that costs ₹4,600 in India,Know its features

Apple has launched a water bottle that can cost around ₹4,600 in India. After unveiling its polishing cloth for almost ₹1,900,

the US-based trillion dollar company, has launched a new water bottle called HidrateSpark.

The HidrateSpark water bottle is being listed on Apple’s website and retail stores for $59.95 (nearly ₹4,600).

Luckily, it is only available in the US market now. The so-smart water bottle is special because it can monitor your daily intake of water or fluid and sync it with your Apple Health.

Like the iPhones, the HidrateSpark also comes in two variants; HidrateSpark Pro and HidrateSpark Pro STEEL are priced at $59.95 and $79.95 respectively.

The HidrateSpark Pro STEEL sells in two colours Silver and Black. It has LED sensor at the bottom that senses the water intake and alerts Apple Health through Bluetooth connection.

The HidrateSpark Pro comes in Black and Green colours and with similar features.