Today’s day and age is a transition period from fossil-fueled vehicles to battery-powered vehicles.

This has resulted in multiple new products being launched in the electric vehicle (EV) space in India, especially in the two-wheeler segment. IC engine-powered vehicles still form the majority of total vehicles on road.

Spendor Electric Specs

Getting more into details, Hero Splendor Electric motorcycle render here would come with a fixed 4kWh battery pack that feeds energy to a 9kW mid-ship mounted electric motor which drives the rear wheels using a silent belt drive.

There is also space for a secondary 2kWh battery pack which could be a removable unit in all probability. The additional battery pack increases the single-charge range by up to 50 percent.

The standard 4kWh battery pack offers a range of 120km on a single charge while with an additional 6kWh battery, this figure increases to 180km.

Charging port is accessible through the fuel tank lid. The illustrator has also defined four different variants of eSplendor including Default, Utility+, Range+ and Range Max with different configurations.

As of now, Hero MotoCorp has not announced any plans to launch Splendor Electric. But there are a few aftermarket solutions.

A few months ago, an EV conversion kit for Hero Splendor was launched by a Thane-based EV startup named GoGoA1. This was the first instance where an EV conversion kit for two-wheelers had been approved by an RTO