Interior Design Inspiration from Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s House

Interior Design Ideas From MS Dhoni’s Home

For someone who spent most of his early life living in a two-room government flat with his family, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has undeniably come a long way to become one of the cricketing world’s richest sportsmen.

From possessing an envious array of cars to owning luxurious properties, Dhoni is living a king-size life. Yet among his favorite belongings, there is one thing that stands out in particular – his luxurious ‘Kailashpati’ farmhouse in Ranchi.

Kailashpati is located at Ranchi’s Ring Road, the expansive farmhouse stretches over a vast seven acres of land that took three long years to build.

1. Interior Design Ideas: Go Green

Dhoni’s passion for greenery is very evident, as the colossal region of Kailashpati offers beautiful landscapes.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is always portrayed as a down to earth individual despite his tremendous success and exorbitant wealth.

2. Interior Design Ideas: Be Down to Earth

The farmhouse of Dhoni also has a separate complex with glass windows, which houses the most precious possessions of the 38-year-old, his enviable array of bikes and automobiles.

3. Interior Design Ideas: Raise a Glass

Dhoni ‘s home is interspersed with wooden and marble walls, with obvious, sophisticated furnishings such as secret storages.

4. Interior Design Ideas: Get on the Floor

Dhoni’s home houses an indoor pool and gym. He has certified chefs on hand to prepare meals for his family in his opulent kitchen.

5. Interior Design Ideas: Cook in Style 

At present, Dhoni is undoubtedly one of the most loved and significant sports icons in the country.

Interior Design Ideas: Conclusion