Retro Review, Nokia N90 : The Revolution Begins

Much can be debated about designs of the phones these days. It is safe to say that the design has plateaued over the years that it is hard to tell which device you are looking at a glance.

This scenario may change depending on how robust flexible screens evolved allowing more complex designs to be incorporated. The Moto Razr is just the beginning of such progress.

But in general, it is safe to say that designs of devices will remain the same as long as display is the key determining factor. Maybe a holographic device in the future may change the landscape once again.

With that said, this has been a long time coming. To go back to where it started, about 17 years back to be exact. The year is 2005

Nokia , a major phone maker is on track to become the dominant force of the mobile industry. The N90 was announced a long with a few other device.

This marks the beginning of the N era, the most powerful and advance mobile device in the planet at that time.

The N90 isn’t the typical mobile device. Nokia realized that there is only so much you could do with text and calls and they shifted their focus to mobile imaging and multimedia.

This forms the basis of mobile device evolution and the backbone that drives the industry way beyond just as a communication device.

While a 200MP sensor is on the works and rumored to launched some time this year(by other manfacturers), the ambition started with a modest 2MP sensor backed with Carl Zeiss Optics.